Google Plans to kill Duo and integrate it into Meet

Google is quite famous for launching and killing so many communications services and apps. Whenever the company unveils a new app, the next question that comes in mind is how long the company will bury its features into something else it will just kill it entirely. This time the company is planning to put the axe on its Duo App. Now Google Plans to kill Duo and integrate it into Meet.

Google Plans to kill Duo and integrate it into Meet

The 9to5Google has revealed that the company wants to kill which was launched many years ago alongside Allo.  According to some resources, Javier Soltero, Google’s G Suite chief, was put in charge of its consumer communication services back in May. He believes that Duo and Meet should not coexist. Google Meet should be Google’s only video calling service, for both consumers and enterprises.

Moreover, there are chances of the merger of the two services, which is codenamed Duet (Duo + Meet = Duet).

However, it is unclear exactly when Duo will be removed. Anyhow, the company will integrate both the apps by bringing some features from time to time. When people are getting similar to the Duo app, the company has decided to kill it. One thing for sure is that people want a single all-in-one app. It should have chatting, audio and video calling features. So that they can fulfil all there needs in just one app.

One more thing that is irritating to introduce similar apps. Instead of killing the older apps and integrate into the new ones. The company should continuously bring the new updates keeping in mind the demands of people. Let’s see whether this merger will increase the users’ interest or not.

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