Google Plans to Remove Extremist Content from YouTube

Extremist content on YouTube and social media is increasing day by day. Presently, many tech companies are struggling hard to curb the fundamentalist data or content from various online platforms. Among such companies, Google has also started its efforts to filter or remove extremist content from YouTube from last year. Google Plans to Remove Extremist Content from YouTube.

Google revealed in its blog post that it will implement more serious measures to identify/remove the terrorist and violent content from famous video platform “YouTube”.

Google Plans to Remove Extremist Content from YouTube

The company said that:

“It would take a tougher position on videos containing supremacist or inflammatory religious content by issuing a warning and not monetizing or recommending them for user endorsements; even if they do not clearly violate its policies.”

For this purpose, Google will hire new engineering resources and use more latest technology in order to help identify extremist videos. It will also train new content classifiers so that such content can be quickly identified and then removed.

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