Google Play Store not working? 21 Ways to Fix it

The Google Play Store is one of those applications we underestimate, for the most part since it just fills in as a bridge between the client and their valuable applications. Things go smoothly till the time it suddenly stops working. Or if you aren’t able to download apps from the play store. Then, how are you going to download the new application you have been waiting for?  Did you think any of that? Well, you don’t need to worry as we have got you covered.

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There’s no distinct manual for fixing the Google Play Store. However, we have assembled many tips and tricks that will get your play store problem solved. How about we bounce directly into the tips and tricks before you go insane with no Play Store access! If the play store is not working go for it now. Here are 21 ways to fix the problem.

Google Play Store not working? Ways to Fix it

1. User-end problem

Before you experience many steps to fix the Play Store issue, ensure the problem isn’t with Google itself. The ideal approach to do this is to visit someplace like the Down Detector to check whether others are reporting issues. On the off chance, if people are reporting a similar issue, it very well may be a temporary server issue that will fix itself with merely a little patience and tolerance at your end.

play store not working

2. Close the Google Play Store

It would help if you force close the app, and it will solve your problem. This will be the sole solution that you will require at that time! You can do this by essentially closing the Google Play Store on your performing multiple application switchers. Or on the other hand, you could go to Settings > Apps > All and afterward access the Google Play Store and hit “Force Stop.”

3. Airplane mode

Not confident on how much this one works, but I have heard many individuals saying that turning Airplane Mode on and afterward off will help the Google Play Store to start working again. So, why not go for it?

play store not downloading apps

4. Switch Wi-Fi on and off

Much the same as with Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi could be the issue as well. Also, your network might have fundamental connection issues! Switch Wi-Fi on and off, and keep on switching with the Google Play Store for a couple of minutes, and it can solve your problem.

play store not downloading

5. Restart your phone!

Like in bygone times, present-day gadgets in some cases need a smack to work appropriately. Alright, perhaps not a genuine smack, but instead, you do have to set up everything back, and a reboot will solve your problem. This will require a moment or two and your issue will be resolved.

6. Wipe the Google Play Store cache

Cache memory is a great tool. By putting away information on the cache, the phone can diminish information utilization and may solve your problem.

play store not workingplay store not respondingstore not responding

This is information that would somehow be downloaded every time you access a page, which is pointless if there are no changes! The awful part is that occasionally more unwanted information can accumulate, and it can likewise make trouble. This is the reason it’s acceptable to clear the store cache every now and then.

store not respondingplaystore

To wipe the Google Play Store cache, head over to your Settings and select the “Apps” option. From that point, essentially search for Google Play Store and tap on it. You will be given a lot of alternatives, including a “Clear cache” button.

7. Erase Google Play Store information

Is clearing the cache still doesn’t help? then it’s time to work on some other important tips and, indeed, clean things up. To erase related information, essentially access your Settings and go into the App Manager as you did to clear the cache. Rather than hitting “Clear Cache,” select “Clear Data.”

Remember, this will clear the application. Then you should sign in and get all the information again next time you access the Google Play Store.

8. Remove Google account

I don’t have a lot of confidence in this one, yet some recommend you reset your Google account to fix specific issues. I guess it merits an attempt before bouncing on the last (and generally extraordinary) tip. Go to Settings > Accounts and select your Google account. Tap on the three-dab menu button and hit “Eliminate.” Then add your account again and attempt to admittance to the Google Play Store.

9. Disabled applications

Remember that some applications need each other to work appropriately. Particularly the managing system applications like the Google Play Store. Have you disabled any applications? That could be the reason for your Play Store troubles.

Head over to Settings > Apps > All and look over right down. This is the place where impaired applications go when they are put down. On the off chance that you see any disabled application, enable them and check whether that makes a difference.

10. Check your date and time settings.

It might appear to be an acute and senseless recommendation, yet regularly this can be why some Google Play Store issues appear. This could be because of Google’s workers experiencing difficulty synchronizing with your date and time settings. So, you must fix the date as it may solve your problem. Try to fix the time according to your time zone to help you work with your play store again.

11. Eliminate Proxy or VPN settings

A lot of VPN/intermediary clients say they have experienced issues everywhere. Have you taken a stab at deactivating these (if you are utilizing them)? VPN settings are associated with WiFi, and it can cause problems with your Play Store app. Meanwhile, VPN settings are under “Advanced” in the Wireless and Networks section, and you can turn them off from there and it may solve your problem.

12. Just uninstall the Updates!

Your wisest choice would likely be to uninstall the Google Play Store on the off chance. The solitary trick is that it is a system application, and you indeed can’t merely delete it. What you can do is uninstall the updates, taking the application to a more stable position. Then afterward you can install the updates again. Don’t worry as this is a reliable methodology.

Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and tap on “Uninstall updates.”

13. There Could be an issue with Google Play Services

We could say Google’s applications are the engine that drives Android devices. We are talking about that odd app that needs an update every now and then when you are trying to launch a new application. Many have no clue about what it is. However, it turns out to be your phone’s backbone. Google’s applications offer some of the most exciting features and it’s all powered by Google Play Services.

14. Install the most recent version of Google Play Services

Another trick that may help is downloading and install the most recent version of Google Play Services and the Google Play Store. The most current adaptation of the software will probably be the most stable, so it’s helpful to keep it updated.

You need to ensure your Google Play Store is up-to-date. Go into the Google Play Store application and hit the menu button (three lines in the upper left-hand corner of your screen). From that point, tap Settings, and under General, you ought to have the option to see when your Google Play application refreshes. Tap Auto-update applications and guarantee that Auto-update applications over Wi-Fi are checked. Presently, ensure you’re connected with Wi-Fi.

Getting the most recent Google Play Services version is significantly more troublesome but will help you in the long run.

15. Are you getting an error code?

Working with error codes might be more straightforward, as the system is telling you what’s happening. A touch of research and you will understand what the issue is and how to fix it. How about we turn out probably the most famous Google Play Store error codes you may experience.

a. Google Play Store Error 944

The individuals who get a 944 error code need not frenzy. This code is advising you that Google’s workers are disconnected or enduring availability issues. The undeniable arrangement is to stand by until Google fixes its problems.

b. Google Play Store Error 919

You have run out of space! Attempting to download that application, again and again, will not help, as this error code is practically revealing to you the application no longer fits in your stockpiling. Erase some messiness and uninstall malware applications.

c. Google Play Store Error 481

How about we trust none of you at any point need to see these error codes, as it probably implies the finish of your Google account. This code means that there’s some significant error with your account. The only fix is to eliminate your old account and afterward pursue another one. You can stop your account under General Settings > Accounts > Google.

d. Google Play Store Error 505

This error is typically brought about by comparative applications searching for a similar consent, which causes a contention. Google may have fixed this with later updates, as this error is more typical in devices with Android 4 KitKat and more established cycles.

Your first attempt at fixing this ought to be to clear the Google Play Store and Google Play Services reserve. This is done from the “Applications” options inside your Settings application. Besides, you can uninstall and re-introduce updates to the Google Play Store. Additionally, ensure you are running the most recent programming accessible for your Android device.

e. Google Play Store Error 927

This is a Google Play Store error that shows up when attempting to download or refresh an application, yet this specific code happens just when the Play Store is gotten out in the center of its very own update.

The best fix usually is to sit tight for the Play Store to complete the process of refreshing and introducing, and afterward, essentially attempting once more. You can then clear application information for the Play Store and Google Services under Settings > Apps > All.

f. Have you got an alternate error code?

Try not to stress. We got you. We have done a more broad post on Google Play Store error codes you may experience.

16. Factory data reset

As a last resort, clean your device off and give it a new beginning. Now we have no clue about the thing that could be causing your Google Play Store errors.

google play store not working


Yet, a processing Factory data reset will probably fix the majority of your issues, as it erases everything on the device and leaves it how it was the point at which you turned it on for the absolute first time. You can play out a processing Factory data reset by tapping on the button underneath and adhering to the directions inside that post.

17. Reset your Google account on your device

We’re currently going to the somewhat more extreme tips and tricks. If your Play Store application isn’t working, you may have to invigorate your Google account on your Android device. This will mean your Google account on your whole phone will be reset and not merely in the Google Play Store. Ensure you know the history before you start this. You could lose the whole account if you’re not cautious.

So to do this, eliminate your account. At that point, add it once more. It’s effortless to do. Go to your Settings and tap Accounts. Presently you need to tap the Google account you need to eliminate. At that point tap, the menu button(three dabs at the upper right) and tap Remove account. Do this for each Google account on your device.

Presently you need to reinstall your Google account. Return into your Settings and tap on Account once more. The solitary thing you should see is Add Account. If you see an account, you neglected to eliminate one. Tap Add Account and follow the on-screen steps to re-add your account.

18. Download Manager

Quite possibly, the Play Store will quit working if your download supervisor is not working. Follow the step carefully to get the desired results.

Go into your Settings and tap either Apps or Application administrator (contingent upon your device). You ought to see the applications, or you may need to pick all. From that point, open Downloads or Download director and click it.

You ought to have the option to check whether the Download director is disabled. On the off chance that it is, you’ll see a button checked Enable. Essentially tap this button to switch Download supervisor back on. On the off chance that all you see are buttons for Force Stop and Disable (perhaps turned grey out, as seen underneath), at that point Download supervisor isn’t crippled, and you can preclude this chance.

19. Other options:

Presently, we’re getting to some more specialized tips and tricks that should be finished with care, so ensure you’ve attempted the above techniques first. Now, on the off chance you’ve established your device, we suggest erasing the document “hosts.txt” in your device. On the off chance that this doesn’t work or if you would prefer not to root your phone, get back to the Play Store and uninstall past updates.

Finally, if all else fails, you can generally factory data reset on your cell phone. This will delete all your data, so try to back up first. This way you will be able to work with the play store very smoothly.  This will get your play store working once and for all.

20. Erase the document “hosts.txt.”

For clients who have just established their device, open your root-favored document. At that point, go to your root/framework index and quest for “hosts.txt” and erase the account. Be careful with this step.

Note: don’t contact any of the other system accounts!

21. Uninstall past updates of Google Play

For the most part, when you object to an application, you can uninstall it and afterward reinstall it. Indeed, that works for some applications. However, the Google Play Store is a system application on your Android device. What you can do instead is uninstall past updates to the application, which may help your concern.

You initial need to head into your Settings, tap either Apps or Application director, and you ought to either see the entirety of your applications, or you may need to pick all. From that point, discover the Google Play Store and tap Uninstall updates. If your Google Play Store is as yet not working, you need to return and reinstall the updates.


We trust that one of these techniques got your Google Play Store back ready for action. If nothing helped, the issue needs to run further than expected, and you ought to most likely consult technical help. Well, we hope so that the above tips and tricks will help you solve all your problems. Be sure to follow every step and do as directed to get the desired results. Things will go smoothly once the issue is solved.

Have any of you stumbled into Google Play Store issues? How did you deal with fixing it? Do comment and let us know whether you have utilized these strategies or the off chance that you have some other ones.





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