Google Play Store UI Test Sees ‘Last Updated’ Section Removed From App Listings

It seems like Google wants to remove valuable stats from public view these days. Recently, the company took a brave decision to take away dislike counts from YouTube, a step that was met with heavy criticism from both content creators and users. This following change might be a little more significant, especially if you’re the kind of person to buy a lot of apps and games. Now, the Google Play store UI test sees the removal of the “last updated” section from listings in the Android app.

Google Play Store UI test sees ‘last updated’ section removed from app listings

Some users started reporting this issue on Reddit, pointing out that the “last updated” section, typically found in the app’s description, was missing from listings entirely.

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If you’ve been hit by this change, it means that you can’t easily see when an app was last updated. If this is intentional, this is something that can be particularly troublesome with some apps and games. As you would have no way of quickly telling if something is in active development or not. Google has not said anything regarding this yet.

There are some chances that it could be a bug only. Anyhow, we will get more information about it in the coming days. If Google did it intentionally, then we hope that the company will not roll out this to everyone.

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Source: Android Police

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