Google playstore plans to tweak two changes and its BIG !

Google Playstore is changing the way the reviews are displayed, which should give consumers with a more personalized experience.

Later this year, reviews will become location-specific, which means you’ll only be able to browse ratings from the country where you live. Furthermore, Google claims that effective next year, evaluations will reflect the sort of device being used to browse on. Be that a phone, tablet, foldable, Chromebook or smartwatch.

In early 2022, users of the Google Play Store will receive app ratings that reflect the experiences of other users on comparable devices. If you’re browsing applications from a Chromebook, for example, you’ll see app ratings provided by other Chromebook users.

Google says that the progressions are being made “in light of the fact that the application experience can differ contingent upon the client’s district and gadget type, total evaluations don’t generally recount the entire story.” For instance, you can see an application on a cell phone with extraordinary reviews, however the application experience on a tablet could be very inadequate. Furthermore, a bug may influence the application in one country however can contrarily hurt the in general application review.

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Whether you use Android or iOS, chances are you read user reviews and ratings before deciding whether to download an app on your device. If your smartphone is registered in Pakistan, for example, you will first see what other Pakistani users think of the app you are about to download.


Any developer who experiences a change in app rating of more than 0.2 stars will be given at least a 10-week heads up from Google before the modified ratings go live, allowing developers time to alter their applications if they think it is essential. Meanwhile, in November, the Google Play Store will begin providing ratings depending on the user’s location.

The company is also working on store’s console to assist developers in recognizing these opportunities helpful for their apps. Updating consoles include new device type dimensions and filters for ratings, accurate date selections for reviewing data and CSV downloads of particular app data.

Moreover, in the start of August 2021, developers needing to develop new Android applications on the Google Play Store should change how those applications are bundled together: Rather than the conventional APK (Android application package) design that has been set up for quite a long time, programming producers will be required to utilize the AAB (Android application bundle) system instead.

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