Google Releases Android P Beta with 153 new Emojis

Android P was announced at Google’s I/O event last month. The next Beta was launched soon after the announcement for 11 devices including Pixel, Xperia X72, and Essential Phone. Now Google Releases Android P Beta, that includes 157 new emojis with updated tools.

Enjoy new Emojis as Google Releases Android P Beta

Android P beta users will get plenty of new Emojis including red hair, superhero, face with three hearts, bagel with cream cheese, mooncake, lobster, and llama. Red hair and superhero will be available in both genders and in five skin tones. Android P will also support neutral gender design such as family and couple with heart etc.

Some emojis are updated in Android P Beta such as overcooked bacon symbol, salad without an egg, a newly textured turtle emoji and a grasshopper kind of cricket. As this is Beta version, so these emoji can further change in final release.

This beta release has got the APIs that is final with all the official SDK for developers to begin with readying their applications for Android P. This new OS has many brand-new functions devs may wish to make the most of, like the AI-based Adaptive Battery system and App Actions.

Android P features the ability to stretch out battery life by prioritizing certain apps and adjusting brightness. Android P introduces many changes that you will definitely want to make room on your plate for. The adaptive battery is a new application, that is aimed at improving idle battery life through limiting application wakeups. Adaptive brightness helps the user to adjust brightness.

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