Google revealed Dark Mode in Android Saves Battery Life

At Google’s Android Dev Summit, the search engine shared a slideshow image that reveals how much battery power a phone’s screen uses in different colour schemes. The result revealed that  Dark Mode in Android Saves a large amount of battery.
At the low of the spectrum is a black screen that draws somewhere around 50mA to 60mA of power. On the top end of the chart, a white screen draws over 3000mA.

Dark Mode in Android Apps Save a lot of Battery

These tests are carried on Google’s original pixel smartphone.  What is the most inspiring thing about these findings is that Google’s first-party apps are full of bright white space.
Dark Mode in Android
Dark Mode in Android
Out of this, some apps feature a dark mode, such as messages and news but almost all are still while only. Google shared the comparison of two phones running YouTube at varying degrees of brightness and the device rocking dark mode uses 60 percent less power than an ordinary app with a white screen when the phone’s display brightness is set to maximum.
Google has been adding Dark Theme into quite a few apps including the Android Phone app, the Google Feed, Android Messages, and YouTube. Now, Google News Latest Update will Bring a Dark Mode.

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