Google Rolls Out Notes to Duo

Google Duo is facilitating the users in messaging, and some other built in features. It continues to expand its list of features and now it brings the latest addition of “Notes” to Android’s built-in Video messaging platform.

Users can operate the voice calls, video calls, as well as the sending of recorded messages of either voice or video via Google Duo. So to improve the performance and make the app more attractive for usage, the company has added a new feature known as “Notes”.

Google Rolls Out Notes to Duo

“Notes” are designed to be one-off messages that users write to send it to another user. The aim of the feature is to offer users an alternative to video in case they want to send a contact they usually talk to over a call a quick message.

According to 9to5google:

“Video messages have been available for some time, but they’re not always a viable option depending on your current surroundings”

A new tab along the bottom called “Notes” is available under the recording menu, there you can type your messages in a Stories-like canvas, and then doodle or draw on before you send it to anyone. Notes will disappear after 24 hours just like voice and video.

Google is contentiously working on Duo to expand its usage and accessibility. It seems that soon the company will enable all the users to make call to friends with the help of an email address only and no phone number will be needed. On both iOS and Android, it is supporting the end-to-end encryption of messages as well as a web-based desktop interface.

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