Google Search Redesigns Music Queries on Desktop

Google improved Android, iOS, and mobile search last month to make it easier to read the results. Now, Google introduced a redesign to music-related search queries on the desktop. When you try searching for any music, a navigation drawer display on the left side that contains both the name of the Knowledge Panel and the query description. It shows with the cover art if it’s an album song. In the below, sub-categories like overview, listen, videos and song options are available on the left side. The share button has also been moved on the left side.

As per the report, Google’s music search redesign has been tested for some time, but now the Google Search redesign for music update is widely rolled out.

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Google Search Redesign Music Queries on Desktop

Google Search

The right side of Google’s web results has a Listen Card which provides the option to listen to the song, album on other popular music platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music, or Apple Music. The ‘About’ results below provide Wikipedia information about the song or album.

The report also stated that some songs contain other options like ‘Other recordings’ and ‘Analysis’. Google apparently aims to provide people with more choices at their fingertips and to save time by taking an extra step to typing a new search result, so Google offers more information within a simple, accessible format.

The report also stated that the redesign is actually only applicable to search results related to music on Google Search. The search results for other information, people, and news will appear in the old style. The re-design will help you to find more relevant results according to your search so that you can see what you are looking for,  immediately.

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