Google Stadia 4K HDR Support is Coming to Android TV

Google Stadia Cloud gaming service is adding 4K HDR support on Android TVs. Google Stadia is making efforts towards the expansion of its service. Recently, Google stadia added the 20 new games that are coming to the gaming platform between now and January 2021.

In the efforts to expands its services, Google Stadia allowed all the players to play games on their Android phones over 4G and 5G connections.

Google Stadia 4K HDR Support is Coming to Android TV

A Cloud Gaming XTreme pointed out on YouTube that the latest update of Stadia seems to enable 4K HDR support on at least some Android TV devices. There is a toggle for turning on 4K support and HDR support on your device under the “Performance” section of Stadia’s settings, .

The service is working on the NVIDIA SHIELD and the JBL Link Bar devices. Apparently, this is working on any Android/TV device with support for this resolution.

Whether or not you have already got Stadia service onto your Android TV, but it is easy to enable it. You only have to follow the below steps.

  • Simply open up the Stadia app on your Android TV device
  • Then open the settings menu.
  • From there scroll and find the performance section.
  • There you will see two new options (One for getting a resolution in games at up to 4K, and a toggle for HDR.)
  • Select 4K and flip the toggle and you’re good to go.
  • Now games that support both of these will show up with a higher resolution and better, more vibrant colors.

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