Google Collaborates with Intel for Adding AI to Its Pixel Phones

According to the latest report, Google has been taking help from Intel on their first consumer chip for their pixel phones. Google’s focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning has led it to a partnership with Intel. Google Collaborates with Intel for Adding AI to Its Pixel Phones.

Google previously revealed that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL contains a “custom-designed co-processor” for adding artificial intelligence to its phone and image processing. Although this Pixel Visual Core is not enabled yet, but when activated its expected to result in better processing, among other tasks.

Google Collaborates with Intel for Adding AI to Its Pixel Phones

Pixel Visual Core is embedded inside the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, this chip is designed to compile HDR+ pictures up to 5 times faster and consume very less power. This chip can perform 3 trillion operations per second due to eight IPU cores that each contain 512 arithmetic logic units (ALUs).

Although it does not come as a surprise that google has been not focusing on AI and machine learning for its phone chiips. What does catch our attention is the fact that Google went to Intel to design the chip.

When confirming the collaboration between the two companies, a Google spokesperson expained that no existing chips did exactly what it wanted for the new Pixel devices. That is why Intel was their choice as it has made a lot of progress in AI recently. But the big question here is that if AI is the future, then will Intel be the one powering it?

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  • Yes on Intel being a fab for AI and other chips. But obviously are not going to be part of designing them. They do not posses the expertise of Google.

    I am curious if Google used Intel as the fab for the TPUs like they did with their PVC chips?

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