Google Terminates its Play Music Android App

Finally, its time to say goodbye to the Google Play Music Android app. In August, there were rumours that Google Play is going to shut down and it became a reality very soon. The company has shut down its Google Play Music app which despite being a preference of many was widely unused.

Google Terminates its Play Music Android App

A large number of users have reported that the Google Play app has become inaccessible and unavailable. In addition to that, users can no longer purchase tunes from the Play Music Store. Though Google had intended the global shutdown of the app in Dec 2020, an earlier shutdown is already in progress.

Actually, the company is attempting to push users to shift to Youtube Music. It is also offering the option of easily transferring your library data to YouTube music. Users can move or delete your recommendation history and existing purchases to YouTube Music for a limited period of time.

All users need to do is download the YouTube Music app on their smartphones and click on the transfer button inside the interface. The entire process will only take a few seconds or may take some more time depending on the data.

Although, YouTube Music isn’t available in every region as yet. Pakistan doesn’t have access to Youtube Music as well. Hence, people in Pakistan and other such regions can download their music library and use their phone’s default music application to listen to their favourite songs while this new transition is completed.

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