Google to Add Offline Search and Navigation Feature in Google Maps

In Google I/O 2015 Developer Conference, Google to announce offline search & navigation feature in Google Maps. This feature will include offline maps search and turn-by-turn voice navigation instructions. Google has not yet provided an exact date as when this feature will begin to work but according to some sources this feature will be available to users later this year.

This feature is particularly designed for developing countries where people don’t have access to fast and reliable cellular data connectivity. This feature will also come in handy for people living in countries where cellular data connectivity is spotty or is way too much expensive. Travelers who travel a lot can have great advantage of their travelling with this offline search & navigation feature in Google Maps.

With this feature from Google data connectivity charges can be reduced to great extent and people with great use of Google Maps will enjoy reduction in cell phone battery consumption as well.

Furthermore Google also announced during its conference that they will be giving offline support for Chrome and YouTube. Chrome will soon provide users with the option to save a webpage for offline viewing later on. It’s not just about copy and save the text on the page, but complete web pages will be saved, though the links provided on the web pages will probably not work as users don’t have Internet access. But once users gets connected they can enjoy the web surfing.

While the offline feature for You Tube will allow users to save videos on their smartphones for 48 hours and will be free of cost. You Tube key subscribers still have this option available to them but it’s not free of cost and the key subscribers are charged for this service.  YouTube’s offline feature will be available on all Android devices with KitKat 4.4 and higher. Google claims that by optimizing data through offline features for Google Maps, Chrome and You Tube will results in cellular data reduction up to 80%.

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