Google to Change Search Results from Blue to Black Soon

The lay-out and structure of the Google search results page may be one of the greatest user-tested websites in the antiquity of internet. Now Google wants to test with turning the color of links black. While typing a word or an expression into Google, mainstream of users witness 10 links with the link name itemized in blue and the URL in green.

Google to Change Search Results from Blue to Black Soon

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However some users are now seeing link names in black, and several Twitter users also stated seeing the experiment working. It’s still vague if this is one giant A / B test to regulate if consumers click black-colored search marks more than blue-colored ones.

The tech giant company has eminently tested several colors of its search results page with hundreds of millions of web users in actual. Till last year, the present navigation tab you were examining was emphasized with a trivial red line. But now it’s blue. Nearby 2009, Google tested 41 various colors of blue for Gmail advertisements and search result links, a modification that eventually made the company an additional $200 million a year in ad profits.

When asked about the new change, Google was as usual ambiguous.

“We’re always running many small-scale experiments with the design of the results page.”

A spokesperson informed.

“We’re not quite sure that black is the new blue.”

Obviously it’s all but sure the innovative link color is pursuing click-through amounts. But we can’t be certain if the company is merely testing the color, or if the color has something to do with the type of link being presented, the kind of user perceiving the link, or what that user is probing. Still, if it does extend to more than a few selected individuals, it may perhaps be one of the major changes to the relatively ascetic Google search results page we have witnessed in ages.

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