Google to introduce a new design for chrome on desktop

Google’s latest Canary (nightly) build is initiating a brand new design for chrome on desktop. Based on the Google Material Theme, the design has similarities to what we have seen on Android P beta and the recent Gmail redesign on desktop.

A new design for chrome on desktop: A look at what’s new


The new version of the UI features a new-fashioned tab bar, a new rounded Omnibox and a new spot for the profile button.

It is the tab bar that contains the most notable changes. A less pronounced tab shape that blends with the tab bar makes the new tab bar distinct from the current one. The new shape, however, is only attained when you open multiple tabs. The tabs are more rounded showing resemblance to the design of latest Firefox builds. The parallelogram shape since the early days of the browser has finally been gotten rid of.

Underneath the tab bar is the Omnibox having rounded corners. As you start typing, a floating window emerges from the Omnibox rather than a drop-down. Moreover, the profile button in the top right corner has shifted beside the Omnibox and shows the user profile image.

The design, currently, is merely in the Canary build and further alterations could be made as it is still under development. If you fancy giving the new changes a try you can download the link from below keeping in mind that the Canary is the most unstable build, not recommended for everyday use. The Build installs separately alongside your stable and beta builds so you don’t have to worry about overwriting the developments.

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