Google to Remove Calendar SMS Notifications in Early 2019

The Google Calendar app is going to remove one of its important features in early 2019, Google has announced it yesterday. The SMS notifications option will be removed completely.

The main reason behind Google’s decision is that the Calendar already offers in-app notifications. Users will still be notified, regardless of their device or connection. Users will not need to make any changes to their Calendar app in case they are getting notifications through SMS. They will be replaced with in-app and email notifications automatically.

Google to Remove Calendar SMS Notifications in Early 2019

Users will see the below notifications:

  • As event notifications in a web browser that has Calendar open or a mobile device if users have the Google Calendar app for Android or iOS.
  • In an email, if users had set up SMS notifications for new events, changed events, cancelled events, or event responses.

Moreover, Google said that it would update the Google Calendar API to reflect the change. Overall, we can say that it is disappointing that Google is deprecating the SMS notification option because so many people were likely to rely on that option.

So get ready, Google will stop sending SMS notifications for Google Calendar events from January 7th, 2019.

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