Google to Warn Users When its Search Results are not Good

Google is one of the most reliable sources when we are searching for anything. Just writing the word it gives us so many links that are enough for us to understand them. After a long time, Google has come up with a new feature that will be quite useful for people searching for something. Google, from today, will let people know if the search results, it gave are not good.

Google Search Results to Get Better with this Feature

Along with searches it provided, this message will appear on the user’s window:

“It looks like there aren’t any great matches for your search” 

Though it is not completely new as already sometimes, Google tells us that there are not any results, but now it has got better at analyzing and indexing the web. But this time company will even tell after providing searches that these might not be enough for users. Google also offers suggestions while typing something to search, which helps us to make better keyword that helps Google in providing results.

Furthermore, this message will not appear too often as Google will try its level best to produce the best results for the users. However, this feature is an excellent and useful addition and will further simplify things for us. Sometimes when we come to know that the answer Google has provided is not up to the mark, we will search it again but with different keywords instead of relying on the inadequate searches.

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