Google Voice Wi-Fi Calling is Now Available to More Android Users

Google Voice Wi-Fi calling is now rolling out to more Android users. However, it is not officially announced. Google Voice users will now be able to make and take calls over Wi-Fi.

The testing of Google Voice Wi-Fi calling feature has started in the beginning of the year. However, the new option has started appearing on the phones of those users who are not enrolled in the beta program.

Google Voice Wi-Fi Calling Rolls out to More Android Users

In the Google Voice app, there is a new menu that allows users to set Voice calls via data connection or through carrier forwarding system.

There is no sign of any updates of Google voice in Play Store. Google also didn’t confirm the roll-out of the Google Voice Wi-Fi calling feature yet. However, if some users have already got it, that may be just because Google is working to roll out Wi-Fi calling to Google Voice users.

Google Voice provides users a phone number for calls, messages, and voicemails. The app operates on smartphones and computers, and syncs across the devices. Users can use the app in the office, at home, or any where. Moreover, users can make international calls at competitive rates. They don’t have to pay extra for international minutes with their mobile carrier.

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