Google’s Android app Bug Gives Blank Search Results

Google App is one of the widely used platforms and it has kept us connected with the information. For each and every little bit of information, we just switch to Google and search it. However, things are not always streamlined, as sometimes our internet connection does not support us, and get blank search pages. However, there is the worst scenario going on these days. For the last few weeks, whenever we search for something, we get a blank screen most of the time, thanks to the bug that has attacked Google’s Android App.

This bug works like a magic on few devices such as handsets made by Samsung, Google, and OnePlus. While the company is trying to fix it, if it ever happens to you again, instead of getting angry be calm and give it a second try. Just close the Google app for a little time and try again as it is the only temporary solution available right now.

Google’s Android app Bug- Here’s What you Need to do Now

Moreover, you can also shift to chrome for a while as searching results on Chrome doesn’t bounce back the blank response. For a time being, the best thing one can do is to use Chrome.

Since many people have tagged Google while reporting the issue, Google is well aware of the bug and will definitely be working on an update to eliminate this issue. Since search is one of the most important businesses and leads to $104 billion in revenue for the company last year, it cannot neglect it.

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