Google’s Duo May Become a Competitor for Skype

Google recently launched Duo for Android and iOS both. The app, which is only offered for smartphones, is the cutting-edge in an extended line of Google services adept of conducting video calling.

Google’s Duo May Become a Competitor for Skype

It is a one-to-one video chat app and Google’s straight competitor to Apple’s FaceTime. Instead of a more inclusive video conferencing explanation for instance Microsoft’s Skype or Google’s Hangouts.

Whether users will be lured away from the likes of Facebook Messenger, FaceTime and Google’s own Hangouts in any serious number are still to be witnessed.

Skype and other video calling apps are in Google’s crosshairs. After Duo was pronounced, Google alleged its Hangouts will shift emphasis away from consumers and Duo will take its place. Skype hints the video-calling space with approximately 300 million users as of March 2016. Skype has a massive consumer base and Duo will take time to come nearer.

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Amit Fulay, Google’s group manager for communications, said:

“Users are reluctant to video call because they don’t know if the other person is on the right network. The right device or it’s a good time to call. We’ve tried to remove all that friction and make it feel like an invitation. Not an interruption when someone call’s you.”

At present the app is available on Android and iOS internationally in 78 languages. It uses your phone number to sign in not like most video call apps.

Duo impeccably changes between mobile broadband and Wi-Fi without dropping the call, delivers the so-called Knock Knock live feed of the caller.

The app is one of the company’s first that does not entail a user to have a Google account to use it. Instead it asks them to register and find users through their phone number rather than Gmail address.

Duo’s achievement will probably be associated with how many Android smartphones come with it pre-installed. Hangouts is one of the 11 apps that Google claims come pre-installed on every Android smartphone or tablet.

But the recent move of Microsoft has perceived a handful of its apps counting Skype pre-loaded on several Android smartphones.

If Duo turns into one of the obligatory apps from Google, it could transfer the rivalry as the default video calling app on Android smartphones. It may also be ample to influence iPhone users to install it.

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