Google’s Move Mirror AI Experiment Tries to Match Your Dance Moves

Google’s AI Experiments are always fun ways for the company to show off its advancements in machine learning. Recently, Google has done another AI experiment called the Move Mirror. Google’s Move Mirror AI Experiment is a fun way to create a GIF of your dance moves. It captures your movements on camera and matches it with a bunch of photos featuring the same poses.

Google’s Move Mirror AI Experiment

The new AI experiment is powered by Posenet. Posenet is actually a machine learning model that sees your movements on camera. It further analyses them, recognizes them, and matches them with photos using the database of 80,000 photos. Then Posenet compiles the captured movements together in a slideshow format making it possible for you to share it as a GIF with your friends. The software is quite glitchy and sometimes the saved GIF do not match the movements you’re making, so don’t expect studio-quality end results.

While discussing Move Mirror in a blog post, Google stated that:

“With Move Mirror, we’re showing how computer vision techniques like pose estimation can be available to anyone with a computer and a webcam. We also wanted to make machine learning more accessible to coders and makers by bringing pose estimation into the browser-hopefully inspiring them to experiment with this technology”

Let’s have a look at the recent tweet by Google regarding the Move Mirror.

Google's Move Mirror AI Experiment

You can make janky videos by acting out your movements. You can even make a GIF out of it. So, head over to the Move Mirror experiment page by clicking here to try it out for yourself.

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