Google’s Partnership with Snapchat will Boost Pixel 6 Sales: Experts

The tech giant Google made a smart move by making a partnership with popular social media platform Snapchat amidst the launch of the Pixel 6 series. According to the experts, Google’s partnership with Snapchat will “propel the Pixel 6” to success. This collaboration will attract the younger users to Google’s new smartphone lineup, and will also assist Google to shape its augmented reality (AR) strategy.

Google’s Partnership with Snapchat will Boost Pixel 6 Sales: Experts

The new Pixel 6 series will enable users to post photos to Snapchat with just a couple of taps, by using an all-new feature “Quick Tap to Snap.” The pixel 6 users just need to tap the backside of their phones to launch the Snapchat camera directly from the lock screen.

It should be mentioned here that the Quick Tap feature was originally announced with Android 12 and allows users to set the feature to do several actions like taking a screenshot or launching a select app. However, according to Google, this partnership with Snapchat is new.

Google Pixel 6 series is now available to users worldwide. During Google’s announcement, Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel said, “for Snapchatters, speed matters.”

“Billions of Snaps are created every day, and our community wants to be ready to Snap everyday moments, as they happen,” he said.

The collaboration with Snapchat will also bring extra augmented-reality lenses, which will integrate a few Google features such as live translation.

The senior analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, Anshel Sag says that the partnership will be the biggest reason why the majority of people will be excited about Google’s new Pixel 6 series and it will be the reason behind its success. Anshel said,

It might be the biggest thing that might propel the Pixel 6 to success.

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