Google’s Summer Internship Program Goes Online

The tech-giant Google has stated that their summer internship program will proceed despite the COVID-19 pandemic, albeit virtually. The internship program this summer is centred on WFH open source projects. Google’s summer internship program was started in 1999 and is already begun.

Google’s Summer Internship Program Goes Online

Google revealed in its blog,

“This is the first year our summer internship program is virtual, but what it means to be an intern at Google hasn’t changed—we want our interns to have fun and make an impact on products that people use every day. Although many aspects of the program remain the same with interns working from home, we had to make some adjustments. Interns won’t have the benefit of working next to experienced Googlers in a traditional office environment, which in turn impacts the kinds of projects they can work on. Rather than cancel or postpone our program, we did what we’ve done many times before at Google—came up with a plan B”.

During this year, several technical internships at Google will concentrate on open source projects. Open source is a model that creates a product’s underlying code available for anybody to work on, therefore even though interns didn’t have access to some technical resources in a Google office, they could still contribute to essential projects.

From a long time, Google has remained a considerable contributor to open source, and projects such as Android and Chromium are now widely used around the world.

During the program, Interns will contribute to Google-created projects such as TensorFlow, Kubernetes, Istio, Chromium, Apache Beam, and OSS-Fuz.z and also interns volunteer projects to support Covid-19 response efforts, which includes integrating Covid-19 data into the Data Commons and contributing to the COVID Severity project. Google believes this program will formulate an interest to become lifelong contributors to open source.

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