Google’s Web Notification Widget to Disappear on March 7

When the tech giant company introduced Google+, it also added a notification widget to websites at the top. However, most people, never observe that bell icon that is present in the above photo. So Google has realized that this is of no use anymore and that’s why now the company is planning to remove it on March 7.

Google has confirmed this change in addition to the banner within the widget on its help forum. However, the company has not officially stated whether the bell icon itself will disappear or if the company is going to utilize it for any other purpose.

Google’s Web Notification Widget to Disappear on March 7

The company said in a statement:

 “After March 7, 2019, notifications for Google web products will no longer be accessible from the navigation bar. If you’d like to receive similar notifications in the future, you can update the notification settings for your individual Google products.”

Those users, who usually open the Notification Widget, are now seeing a warning message announcing the removal of the feature on March 7, 2019. After that date, the bell icon will not be more over there and users will be left with only the profile avatar for account switching, app launcher, and other settings.

In case you want to continue receiving notifications for Google+ enterprise, Photos, and Hangouts Chat then you are advised to head to the respective apps and enable alerts in settings.

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