GOP Should Minimize Spectrum Fees: GSMA

GSMA concerned over high fees that have to pay by the mobile operators for the renewal of the license. It also urges the GOP to not focus on short-term revenue maximization via raising the fees of the spectrum. Furthermore, it also requested the Govt in order to extend the deadline for agreeing on license terms for all operators on a three-month rolling basis at zero cost.

GOP to not Focus on Short-Term Revenue Maximization via Raising Spectrum Fees: GSMA

GSMA also urges Govt of Pakistan to reconsider the fees for the high spectrum, as high fees are making it difficult for all operators to deliver and expand affordable services. That will directly or indirectly impact investment in network infrastructure which gives benefits to our economy.

Brett Tarnutzer, Head of Spectrum, GSMA said:

“We’ve already seen the damaging consequences that high spectrum prices have on coverage and quality of service in other countries. It’s important that Pakistan doesn’t repeat these mistakes, and place gaining inflated revenues from spectrum licenses above the connectivity of its citizens.”

GSMA also highlighted the other fees and taxes that are already paid by the operators to the GoP, so the higher authorities should consider them too when setting further financial obligations.

The Govt should set a low level of spectrum prices and taxes, that will allow operators to provide affordable services and they will be able to expand their services efficiently.

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