Government Drafts a New Sales Tax Structure For Imported Mobiles

According to some credible sources, Government will devise a new sales tax structure for imported mobile phones. The source further entailed that this new tax structure would be announced in the mini-budget. Moreover, the new tax structure would impose a 17 percent sales tax on cell phones having a worth USD 200 or above.

Under the new tax structure, the fixed amount of sales tax on imported mobiles would be substituted with the standard rate of 17 percent sales on high-end phones. The new tax policy has been integrated into the Supplementary Finance Bill 2021, which is to be approved by the National Assembly of Pakistan.

Government Drafts a New Sales Tax Structure For Imported Mobiles

In this case, mobile phones have been divided into two more comprehensive categories.

The first category would encompass those mobile phones that have an import value of up to $200-$250. On the other hand, the second category would encompass the phones with a value of above $200-$250.

Consequently, the sales tax table would be redrafted under the Sales Tax Act 1990 by incorporating all kinds of phones into these two categories on the basis of their import value in completely built condition (CBU), semi-knocked down (SKD), or completely knocked down (CKD) condition.

The government’s new policy of taxation on mobiles would put the highest rate of 17 percent sales tax on the import of new mobile phones with a value of more than $200. The 17 percent sales tax would be applied on the import of mobiles in both the CKD/CBU form as discussed previously. However, on the other side, the existing sales tax rates on the import of mobile phones having a worth less than $200 would not be changed.

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