Government in Talks with Google to Introduce Local Version of YouTube

The Senate Standing Committee for Information Technology has lately questioned the government of Pakistan to introduce a bill to lift ban on the popular video-sharing website YouTube.

According to the Ministry officials, the government is in discussion with the Tech Giant firm Google to present a local version of YouTube, so that the blasphemous material can be filtered easily.

YouTube was blocked in the country on September 17, 2012 over blasphemous content , which lead to serious protests around the world. Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2012 ordered that the ban will be raised from the video-sharing website when a way will be available to completely block all the blasphemous material. Presenting a local version of YouTube seems to be the only available solution for Ministry officials.

Government in Talks with Google to Introduce Local Version of YouTube

The committee is of the view that the Government of Pakistan should also devise such a mechanism which will be helpful in lifting  ban from the site, by establishing a sound legislation. All other Islamic Countries have access to Youtube including Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Egypt etc, so the Government of Pakistan should also do something regarding lifting ban from Youtube.

A high-level delegation of Google Inc. supervised by Rajan Anandan, the Vice President and managing director for South East Asia is already on a visit to Pakistan and the government is cooperating with the tech giant to develop IT sector in the country.

It looks like the right time to negotiate with Google. The government is trying to convince Google to introduce a local version for the people of Pakistan and we hope that both Google and the ministry officials soon find a way out to lift the ban from YouTube.

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