Government Planning to Ban Social Media in Public Offices

In the modern world, social media is the primary and most suitable way of connecting the masses. The government officials and politicians also use different social media platforms to convey their messages and agendas. Until these messages are based on facts and figures, then it wont have any negative connotation. But this aspiration is always neglected. And most of the times social media platforms are being used for accomplishing political motives. Some offices are even accused of leaking official data.

Government Planning to Ban Social Media in Public Offices

On Wednesday, the National Information Technology Board (NITB)  informed the standing committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication that social media websites could be banned in all public offices. Because there are some accusations from the board about leak of official data. Therefore, they want to take some preemptive measures to halt the leakage of the official data.

The officials of (NITB) briefed the committee on the plan and its recommendation to ban the use of Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube in government offices.

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The NITB is going to invent a new local social media networking platform similar to that of WhatsApp.  It would be introduced in all public offices. So that all the communications and conversations between the governmental offices would be done through this local app. And there will be a complete ban on all other social media websites during the working hours.

There are some voices of resentment as well.  As chairman of standing committee, Ali Khan Jadoon has asked for full details of the matter. Because some of his committee members are arguing that this move can become a threat to freedom of speech.

Along with that, there are also some recommendations about banning the storage devices. The officials are also looking forward to implement e-government program as soon as possible.  These all endeavors are being made to curb the leak and transfer of official data.


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