Govt Expects to Make Over Rs. 32 Billion By Selling 4G Licenses in FY 2024-25

The government of Pakistan has set an ambitious target to generate Rs. 32.612 billion from the sale of 4G licenses in the FY 2024-25. This is a significant increase compared to the Rs. 7.597 billion initially budgeted for the outgoing fiscal year, which was later revised upward to Rs. 30.941 billion, reflecting a growing demand for 4G services and the potential revenue from this sector.

Govt Expects to Make Over Rs. 32 Billion By Selling 4G Licenses in FY 2024-25

Mobile Handset Levy

In addition to the revenue from 4G licenses, the government also expects to collect Rs. 10 billion from the mobile handset levy in the next fiscal year. This amount remains unchanged from the budgeted figure for the outgoing fiscal year. However, the actual revenue for the current year was revised down to Rs. 8 billion, indicating that the government anticipates a recovery and stabilization in mobile handset sales in the coming year.

Income from Property and Enterprise

Under the income from property and enterprise, which includes a surplus from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the government has projected to generate Rs. 1.2 billion for FY 2024-25. This is slightly lower than the Rs. 1.628 billion budgeted for the outgoing fiscal year, which was later revised to Rs. 2.802 billion. The higher revised figure for the current year suggests that the PTA has performed better than expected, contributing more to the national exchequer.

Regulatory Authorities Surplus and Penalties

The government has also budgeted Rs. 10.036 billion from the surplus and penalties of regulatory authorities for the fiscal year 2024-25. This is a notable increase from the Rs. 7.203 billion budgeted for the current fiscal year, which was significantly revised down to Rs. 1.168 million. The substantial revision indicates challenges in collecting the expected surpluses and penalties, but the government remains optimistic about improving this revenue stream in the coming year.

Overall, the government’s budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 highlights a strong focus on enhancing revenue from the telecommunications sector. The anticipated revenue from 4G licenses is a testament to the growing importance of digital connectivity and the role of modern telecommunications in driving economic growth. By setting higher targets for both mobile handset levies and regulatory surpluses, the government aims to leverage the telecommunications sector’s potential to contribute significantly to national revenue.

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This strategic move is expected to not only boost the country’s digital infrastructure but also support the government’s broader economic objectives. As the demand for digital services continues to grow, these revenue targets underscore the government’s commitment to fostering a robust and competitive telecommunications environment in Pakistan.

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