Grow with Google: Get Free Digital Training in Pakistan during COVID-19

Since the COIVD-19 pandemic has hit us, all the social media giants are trying to make this quarantine time more easier for us. This virus outbreak has also resulted in the loss of jobs and has encapsulated students at home, giving rise to remote education these times. While the situation is not getting better anytime soon, Google has decided to provide free training programs to People from various countries, including Pakistan which will help them remain updated to the market and improve their skills. The name of this platform is Grow with Google.

Learn new Things and Grow with Google

While telling about this initiative, Google released that there is another website that has been launched along with Google Grow Website, which will also facilitate people will in house training of cultural products.

It is not the first time; Google has stepped forward to help the people during crises. Previously Google announced $800 fund to help small businesses worldwide amid coronavirus outbreak. While telling about this program, Google said:

We will be training our programs through social media as well as a newly launched app to improve the skills of small business people through digital technology that allows small business affiliates to work in any part of the world. You can earn income by sitting in the section.”

It is an outstanding initiative, and everyone sitting at home in Pakistan these days should reap its benefits.

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