GTA 5 Version Will be Available On Smartphones

Gamers have dreamed about playing Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). Hundreds of hours of gaming can be found on YouTube, where players discover the fictional beauty and mysteries of Los Santos.

Initially, Play station 3 and Xbox 360 were released with GTA 5. The game is now being played on handheld devices. The improved Rockstar Advance Game Engine is going to have a hard time converting it into our own little smartphones.

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GTA 5 Version Will be Available On Smartphones

The single-player story was first released in 2013, the version of the main appeal of the series, and follows the three main players; Michael De Santa retired bank robber and Franklin Clinton street gangster, and Trevor Philips, drug dealer, and weapons smuggler.

Microsoft made the official announcement on Xbox Game Pass’s Twitter feed:

In the world of dazzling smartphones packed with outstanding chipsets, Microsoft confirmed the epic open-world game would be back on the Xbox Game Pass on 8 April. Thanks to the awesome cloud technologies – xCloud, GTA V will also be accessible on mobile devices.

Definitely, it would be great news and like fresh air, if you are an Xbox gamer, and use the game pass option for mobile devices. Regardless of the situation, look forward to playing the best and biggest Rockstar game from Today.

Even though Android users can play GTA V content with the Cloudx app on the platform, iPhone users may have to wait some time to join the group for an exact version of the game on iOS.

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