Guess Who Joined Instagram? Twitter!!

Twitter is finally on Instagram.

Here’s some amazing news!! Twitter is now on Instagram. Yes, it is true. Twitter has finally made an account on Instagram. The Twitter IG bio says “Screenshots of tweets”.

Twitter on Instagram

Twitter is too late to have an Insta account. It sounds good. But its bio is making people mocking at Twitter. The influencers, bloggers and other users are habitual of posting tweets screenshot on Instagram. A Twitter user tweeted,

“Instagram is literally just screenshots of tweets and I think @Twitter should call them out.” – Twitter user (@Miagrassia)

More Easier To Search For Tweets

Moreover, for many people, searching for a particular task seems hectic. It is easier to surf it via Instagram posts. A user can search through hashtags and post is there. Instead of posting the same tweet on Instagram, people post the screenshot of it. This technique of posting with associated hashtags have helped to boost Instagram engagement.

Users’ Reaction

Some people are happy that finally twitter is on Insta. Others feel like Twitter will just copy the idea of posting the screenshots of their tweets. There is nothing new for Instagram users. Some are excited if Twitter will post something other than the tweets. Some are not interested in what the fuss is all about.

It is still unknown what is the real purpose of Twitter to have its account on Instagram. Might be Insta is paying Twitter for the posts. Twitter might be influenced by people who post screenshots of their posts. Let us wait until the boat starts to sail.

Tasbeeha Hassan

Playing with words has always been my passion. Positive vibes only.
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