Guess Who Provides the Fastest Mobile Internet in Pakistan?

The four leading telecom operators in Pakistan are facilitating customers by giving their best. They offer multiple packages at affordable prices that include call packages, SMS packages, and mobile internet packages. As a tech journalist and associate editor here at PhoneWorld, I usually prefer to avail internet bundles at a reasonable price but it is also not possible for me to ignore the internet speed. I was so confused among the four telecom networks that which one provides the fastest mobile internet speed.

The Setup!

Today, I decided to test them all with the Ookla Speed Test, the best and the most reliable speed test tool available. I borrowed phones from my colleagues here at work, installed the Ookla Speed Test app on all four smartphones featuring all four networks.

Test Location

I performed internet speed tests of four telecom network while sitting in my office which is located in Sector F-7/2 Islamabad. (Time: 11:18 am onwards as shown in the screenshots below)

I performed the mobile data speed test once on all, took screenshots. Here are the results of each speed test shared with all readers via screenshots.


According to the Ookla speed test, the Jazz download speed shown in the test was 42.7 Mbps and the upload speed is 12.3Mbps.

jazz Ookla
Thanks to Shaheer


The download speed is 5.30Mbps and the upload speed is 2.31 Mbps.

Telenor Ookla
Thanks to ME 🙂


Zong, when tested, showed the download speed of 6.99Mbps and unfortunately 0.00Mbps as upload speed.

zong ookla
Thanks to Fahad


The Ookla test shows that the download speed is 0.93Mps and the upload speed is 0.01Mps.

Thanks to Rizwana


Jazz, by a mile. Other networks are not even close to it. (And I’m being honest and without being biased to any network. I use Telenor myself.)

From the above-shared screenshots of speed test by Ookla, we can see that Jazz is beating the other networks in 4G Mobile internet speed as the download and upload speed is way faster than others. While the other three networks performed poorly.

In terms of signal strength and mobile data speed, Jazz’s upgraded technology is no doubt appreciable and proves that when if someone is in need of internet during any important task then Jazz will of course never disappoint them.

For readers information, Speedtest by Ookla discovers the download and upload speed. Ookla speed test is available for free on the web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Google Chrome and Apple TV. Also, it is worth mentioning here that Jazz has received the fastest mobile internet in Pakistan award previously.

  • Previously I was using zong 3 mbb devices and a zong sim, here at my location in Faisalabad from past 2+ years. But the speeds on zong mbb devices and even on my smartphone has drastically dropped from average 20-30mbps to less then 10mbps. Sometimes download speeds drops down to only 2mbps or less. As per standards if speeds drops below 2mbps on 4g device or sim, the company can’t claim a status of 4g network. Various complains to zong got unnotice. In the evening till late night; round about 2am u can’t browse internet on a single phone. This forced me to switch my network and mbb device to jazz and believe me results are more then my expectations, with average speeds of 30-50mbps at low peak and 20+mbps at peak times with almost never signals dropping or waiting for bytes to be received from the tower.

  • Sis, like, come on. Thora bohat hota hai but, Agar eca har jaga hota tu ‘sirf jazz’ hota. You should try various measureing bandwidth speed various times and atleast at three different locations and on a single smartphone with different sim cards or using different mbb devices at same place. Kea Pata smart phones Mae issue ho. Signal ? distortion and a lot. Yaar koi dosra ye test run kare to Pata chale jazz 00 hai or any other brand win da race. I appreciate your efforts but please do correct us with another blog with proper work.

    • Yes, you are right. It was my very first test that I performed at my Work Place just for the experience but yeah, Now I’m thinking to perform other tests too with my team, at different locations within the city and also indoor/outdoor.
      I value your comment and suggestion.

  • I think fake.. Because screenshots taken from different mobile phones. Time is different… Logos are on different sides..
    Fake fake fake

    • Read the article carefully, I have mentioned clearly that I borrowed the phones from my Colleagues in order to perform the test.

  • #Jazz
    Jazz is one off the best and super powerful speed. Here at kohat road jamal abad peshawar…
    Jazz 4G sub see tezz

  • Right,
    But this has to be tested in different city locations one location cant justify your test results.


    Umer Alvi

    • Actually, I Performed the test at my workplace. I just shared my personal experience and opinion. Well, it is not possible for me to perform the speed test at different locations as I’m not getting paid for it. 🙂

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