Gwadar gets Fiber Optic Connectivity- A Milestone towards Development

Gwadar, the Southwestern Coast of Balochistan gets its Fiber Optic Connectivity which is a great step towards the development. This news was announced by Abdul Zahir, the executive Vice President of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. While breaking the news, he revealed that the government is all set to provide essential services and facilities to Gwadar and connectivity being the most important of all was much needed.

No doubt, Gwadar port being the project of CPEC has remained a premium investment opportunity however due to no connectivity, which is the basic thing considered these days, investors were quite confused. CPEC commercial route joins Gwadar with western China and since the corridor is worth $60 billion, faster connectivity is needed to run the streamlined operations. By providing connectivity, PTCL plans to extend high-quality facilities in the region.

Gwadar gets Fiber Optic Connectivity

This news was announced during the meeting at the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) carried on to highlight the importance of communication in lifting the modern infrastructure of a country. Providing such facilities at industrial zones including Gwadar not only provides east to the people but also becomes a favourable investment option for foreign companies. Abdul Zahir also mentioned the improvements in internet connectivity can uplift the region. “We have already taken a number of measures to improve internet connectivity in Korangi along with the rest of the city.”, he added.

Furthermore, a cross border optical fibre project of 38 billion worth was also approved for providing international connectivity and ensuring that uninterrupted connectivity between the Northern and Southern borders of the country is provided. Internet connectivity was much needed for speedy consignment clearance and was longed by maritime affairs for a long time.

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