Haier i70 Review

Haier i70 Review

Haier i70 Review (10)



Haier mobile has taken a long jump leaving many smartphones behind in all aspects like the smartness, the shape, the speed, the efficiency, the price.

Making a slimmer and attractive device with an Octa-core processor with 1GB Ram and 32 GB Rom and a splashing 13 MP Rear Camera supported by double flash lights below the camera and 5MP front camera with an amazing price is surely gonna shake the competitors.

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Perfectly flat from the back with no curve nor any bending angle with a slight bulge for the Rear Camera for perfect snaps, the Haier i70 is made in a perfect shape with a huge display and powerful specs. The good thing is the speakers are set in the lower portion near the charging base so that there is no issue in sound while keeping the device on a perfect smooth surface.

The light weighted Haier i70 is a perfect package with perfect shape that looks great with its grip in your hand.

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Loaded with the latest version of Android OS i.e 4.4.2, Haier i70 Review is gonna prove you that the device functions with its best with the latest technology.

A great many Intelligence is embedded in the keyboard that helps the user to forecast the next related word by selecting it from the suggested ones in the closely related words. The layouts are the same typical ones for both the keyboard and dial pad.

A good camera needs better options to be loaded with in the software, Haier i70 Review shows that the camera consists of many functions and options as it is clear from the following images below.

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As the device is bundled with almost all best category hardware like the Quad-core processor, 1GB Ram, 32 GB Rom and 13 MP Rear camera with Auto Focus capability, the Haier i70 does need to be blessed with better marks and Antutu does the same justice with Haier i70 giving it 27700 points and keeps it in the Top-end Category somewhere in the middle.

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Vellamo, the Qualcomm’s testing application shows the functionality of Browser, single core and multi core and then after bench marking the obtained score with the best in the table, keep the record in a graphical pattern. The device is some how balanced with HTC One in the bench marking, Which is a great achievement for Haier i70.

[quote_center]GPU’s score for Haier i70 Review[/quote_center]

The overall score for Haier i70 after been tested with GPU Bench mark was in the 13 thousands which is a good sign for playing better games with graphics and Haier i70 is not gonna say you “NO” for games with huge graphics and will run them with smoothness and will handle them with efficiency.

[quote_center]Game Lovers for Haier i70 Review[/quote_center]

Game lovers and Game addicts do need a smartphone that full fill their thirst and need of a smartphone been able to operate better games with efficiency. Tested the Haier i70 with “Subway Surfers” just to show you the graphics and display of Haier i70, although you can run even better games with the device.

[quote_center]Conclusion about Haier i70 Review[/quote_center]

A device with an Octa-Core processor that is having 8 cores and 1GB Ram along with a huge amount of Rom of 32 GB and with a camera of 13 MP surely needs to be highlighted and all we can say is that “BEAUTY NEEDS NO PAINT”. Haier i70 surely is a great and smart device with speed, efficiency, display, camera and style.

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