Hall Road Traders Protest on Mobile phone Taxes

Body of Hall road traders from mobile industry protested against Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)’s decision to increase taxes on mobile phone sets.

Hall Road Traders Protest on Mobile phone Taxes

[blockquote cite=”The chairman ATE Babar Mehmood”] The protest would continue until FBR takes back its decision. The increase in tax will not only encourage the smugglers and illegal traders of phones, but it will also put an end to billions of investment in mobile industry.

Here are some of the picture of the protest:


The chairman also mentioned that protest was the only option left with them and there will be no tolerance on this issue. People in the protest stressed on the fact that this move would also jack up the graph of unemployment in Pakistan and it will affect our economy directly and indirectly.

As the increase in taxes will surely effect the poor citizen and which is not tolerable by the common citizen. And it is clear that this will only give rise to the illegal business which will cause a great loss to the country and the poor citizen. And if the taxes are less then our country will get benefits and with this our country will prosper so we should reduce taxes for the sake of our country and our poor fellow citizen.

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