Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Who won the Best FPS title?

The year’s three best FPS title have recently sent players on a rollercoaster of highs and lows. We’ll look at how high expectations, problematic betas, excellent and terrible tweaks to core gameplay, and unexpected debuts defined a bumpy finish to 2021.

Battlefield 2042, Call of Duty: Vanguard, and Halo Infinite were among the biggest yet best FPS titles of the fall, at least in terms of first-person shooters. Each focuses heavily on competitive multiplayer. Despite the fact that they all have a large budget, they differ in appearance, themes, gameplay, quality, and even genre. Players frequently only have enough money or time (or both) to play one game.

Halo Infinite


Best FPS title

Halo Infinite is stealing the show this year, a game that might have sunk under the weight of great aspirations and expectations. Thankfully, the game’s gameplay is so well-polished that it blows every other shooter released in 2021 out of the water, effectively harkening back to classic Halo while being contemporary. Furthermore, the multiplayer experience is absolutely free, which makes it all the more appealing to try.

It does, however, have flaws, such as a muddled advancement system. Because it’s free, 343 Industries wants the community to stay as long as possible in order to enhance the likelihood of gamers spending money. There is no typical XP system in Halo Infinite that raises the battle pass level. Instead, you get XP through completing tasks, which seems more restrictive than anything else. This will change with time, but for now, it’s a big stumbling block in what is otherwise a fantastic game.

Battlefield 2042


First person shooter game

It takes place in the same world as Battlefield 3 and 4. The year 2042 is two decades after the events of the 2020 War. During the 2030s, extreme climate change events occur, triggering major worldwide disruption.

On paper, Battlefield 2042 appears to be more exciting in terms of the many modes and scale of the fighting. Even though there is no narrative option, we like the location, and the graphics are excellent. However, based on what we’ve seen online, the game appears to have nothing but poor reviews and very low user counts, at least on PC.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard


FPS title

We tried to be fair in our review of “Call of Duty: Vanguard.” Game critics have generally treated Call of Duty titles with scepticism, not only because of the games’ politics, but also because the series has reached such dizzying heights that neither praise nor criticism will have a significant impact on its development or sales.

At first glance, Vanguard appears to contain all of the issues and drawbacks that we’ve seen in prior Call of Duty games, both in terms of gameplay and technology. The game’s size has dropped dramatically, which is a huge plus. Unlike Black Ops Cold War, which required almost 200 GB of storage space, Vanguard only need 65 GB (with the Warzone mode installed).

Call of Duty Vanguard looks to be a step in the right way in terms of gameplay, at least in our perspective. Vanguard, rather being a never-ending stream of mindless shootouts, provides engaging visual sequences, solid plots, and character development, which is unique for a first-person shooter.


Despite this, Halo Infinite’s gameplay propels it forward, showing that the year-long wait was well worth it. Most significantly, Halo Infinite is the best shooter of 2021, outperforming Battlefield and Call of Duty by a significant margin.

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