Harf Kaar- An App for Correction of Urdu Grammatical Mistakes

“Harf Kaar” is the first ever Urdu Software that helps you to detect and correct grammatical mistakes. It will be launched in first week of August. This new software is the result of joint efforts made by a noted poet and writer, Akhtar Raza Saleemi and software programmer Saeed Raza Khan.

While telling about the app, Mr Akhtar Raza Saleemi said that:

“95% of the software program has been completed and the rest will be completed within few days. The software will be formally launched by the first week of August in a ceremony.”

This app is developed to meet the digital needs of Urdu writers and poets because it is capable of auto-correction and helps with error-free and up-to-date Urdu expressions.

Harf Kaar- Much Needed Invention!

Software programmer, Saeed Raza said that the program has been prepared in Microsoft ’s.Net and no third party tool has been used in it. The software is portable and there is no need to even install it.

while telling more about Harf Kaar, Saeed Raza said that:

`Harf Kaar’ is quite small in size and can be run in any computer. Urdu Diction is spread in such a huge form that the software program will be quite helpful in resolving issues of diction, proof errors etc.

Saleemi said his team enthusiastically worked day and night for producing an authentic and quality modern software of Urdu and hoped `Harf Kaar’ will be consulted, used and downloaded by all those who wanted to compose essays, poems, articles or stories etc in, correct and error-free Urdu.

Harf Kaar is one of the new inventions which can be very helpful for the People working on Urdu literature. So, people who have interest in Urdu writing must give a try to this app. They can concentrate on their writing without worrying about grammatical mistakes because Harf Kaar can help them in sorting out errors easily.

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