Has PTA/FBR Gone Nuts? PKR 139k tax on a $250 S21 FE?

Recently, we have come across a hilarious tax that has been imposed on the Galaxy S21 FE. It’s a 1.5-year-old smartphone and isn’t even coming brand new. You can purchase a used S21 FE for $250-$300 by visiting Swappa. Can you believe that on such a phone, you will have to pay around PKR 139k in taxes? Well, unfortunately, it’s true as you can also see in the given image.

Probable reason for such high tax:

In our opinion, the dollar value of old smartphones determined by FBR is not correct. Due to this, the tax generated through its system is absurd. Therefore, FBR should determine the price of old phones again and then include the newly calculated value in the tax net.

Outrageous Tax Sparks Debate on Fairness of FBR’s Tax System:

This exorbitant tax on an old smartphone (costing $250-$300) raises eyebrows and sparks a discussion on the fairness of FBR’s tax system. The implications of this tax on consumers and the wider mobile phone market are worth exploring, as it highlights the need for a comprehensive reevaluation of the taxation mechanism.

What needs to be done?

To address this concern, it is essential for the FBR to reevaluate and recalibrate the pricing of older smartphones, considering their real market value. By incorporating the revised values into the tax calculation process, a fairer and more reasonable taxation structure can be established. This re-evaluation is crucial to ensure that individuals are not burdened with excessive taxes when purchasing used smartphones.

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  1. I totally disagree with their methods of taxation, and it’s absurd… I use to think mobile is luxury, and should be taxed, but it’s necessity, still should be taxed but not equal or more than it’s actual price, that’s freaking nonsense…

    Though one way of seeing 139k on old phone is probably they just put their starting price and tax accordingly… After that however cheap you buy it, on taxation you’re doomed.

  2. They the employees of gov’t departmens are sitting at home making useless babies. They don’t work hard they hardly work. Anyone comes with new ideas to help the Pakistani people and they are told to stay in their limits and keep quiet. People have high egos and everyone wants to be the big boss. They won’t listen to reason until they are forced by other agencies which rarely happens we have a culture of laziness and putting things off. Lakeer dai fakeer. I have a 35,000 rupees one plus 6 and they want 17,000 tax, I’d rather get a patch. If it was 2-3000 I’d pay happily. Also one plus 7 pro and they wanted 44,000. The one plus 6 was my father’s a s 7 mine. We came to Pakistan with them and were using them in Canada. But our kaum is so stupid they were using other people’s passport to register them. So the simple solution was to go in person and do biometric for overseas Pakistanis but they force you to buy another phone because it costs the same or less then paying the dumb tax. We always make policies never seen anywhere in the world not even Nigeria or Sri Lanka or hell even India.

  3. FBR has decided to drown the whole taxation system of Pakistan. If an individual pays tax, FBR officers try to squeeze him to the extent that he thinks that he committed a mistake by paying tax. Non filer can buy anything just including property and card by paying few thousands more tax on that but filer faces harassment of FBR officers for years. Same is situation with overseas Pakistanis who suffer a lot because of FBR harassment. Many overseas Pakistanis stopped sending remittances to Pakistan through legal routes. They either invest in Turkey, Dubai, Portugal or other western countries, or send the money through agents. Even by using illegal routes, they get higher exchange rate.
    It is time that government of Pakistan take notice of this cruel and inhuman treatment by FBR to save country from loosing it’s previous remittancs. It’s not late but I fear the worst

    اب کیا پچھتاوے چڑیاں چگ گئیں کھیت

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