HBO’s Best Shows are Now Free of Cost in the Quarantine

Everyone is trying to play their role in order to stop the spread of Coronavirus outbreak and that’s why people are fulfilling their duty by staying at home. Most people are spending their time by watching movies. To give you good time at your home, HBO has announced that it is making nearly 500 hours of original programming and some WarnerMedia-branded movies available free of cost to all for a limited time. So, you can enjoy HBO’s Best Shows at ZERO cost.

HBO’s Best Shows are Now Free of Cost in the Quarantine

Previously, HBO subscription via cable with HBO Go or via streaming with HBO costs almost $15 per month. Now all the subscribers with Internet access can get to catch the nine original HBO series and a multitude of other free content via either platform.

If you also want to enjoy the free content then just visit,, or download the app to enjoy HBO best shows. However, HBO didn’t share a word about how long constitutes a limited time.

You can enjoy the nine HBO series including the Ballers (five seasons), Barry (two seasons), Silicon Valley (six seasons), Six Feet Under (five seasons), The Sopranos (seven seasons), Succession (two seasons), True Blood (seven seasons), Veep (seven seasons), and The Wire (five seasons).

So HBO is giving you the luxurious time in the quarantine by offering its best shows for free.

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