Health App by PurePush Reaches 1 Million Downloads

Acc. Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor, an app that was launched on 4th June, 2014 by PurePush has reached a million downloads. This monumental milestone achieved by the app has placed it among the top health apps by Pakistani developers.

Application has Gained Trust of Users as Health App by PurePush has Reached 1 Million-Downloads

[error]Acc. Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor is a unique Health Application that calculates your blood pressure in two steps with appx. ±5%. This app measure systolic and diastolic Blood pressures quickly, which helps the user to keep a track of BP levels throughout the day in a convenient way.[/error] [error]Usage:[/error] Step 1: Enter pulse rate and select gender
Step 2: Place your thumb slightly on the mark to calculate pressure

PurePush is set to develop mobile applications based upon latest technology and concepts such as Augmented Reality and AllJoyn for all platforms. The company has already achieved a lot of headway with developing mobile applications focusing local market needs; this extends more opportunities carrying over into the smartphone world.

To download the app, CLICK HERE

As the application has been download by huge number of users so its clear that it gave you accurate result so if you have problem of Blood pressure then go ahead.

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