5 Health Rules To Be Followed By Freelancers

Health Risks And Precautions

Whenever you think of opting freelancing as a profession all you get to hear are the cliches:  “nothing like a 9 to 5 job” “Self-Employment” “You are the BOSS” “Work from home” bla bla bla. As if all the good gathered at a place is freelancing. Where you rest at your sofa and engage yourself a bit on your laptop and earn a boundaryless figure.

Well, this article aims to pop that little bubble of yours and aware you of the health risks associated with freelancing. Also, the precautions to be taken in order to avoid them. I call them ‘The 5 Health Rules To Be Followed By Freelancers’


Immobility is the most damaging factor in the life of a freelancer. You are stuck at a spot for most of the time in order to complete your tasks. Immobility leads to obesity, body aches (especially spinal cord issues), and even psychological problems such as increased aggression and intolerance.

  • Keep your body hydrated. Have a personal water bottle to calculate and meet your daily water goals.
  • After working for every 30 minutes take a 15 minutes break. Do not use any electronic device in this break rather socialize with your family in person or the best thing is to go for a walk.
  • If you feel fatigued while still in your 30 minutes of working. You can follow this simple ‘Seated Yoga’ off and on.
    Freelancers Yoga
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2.Permanent Backbone Damage

Most of us do not give importance to how we arrange our workplace for we are at our home and no formal office. This means a freelancer may work on a sofa in their pyjamas. But know that sitting postures matter the most for a freelancer. At least if they want their backbone to be working for the rest of their lives. Sitting in the wrong posture for a long time may lead to permanent backbone issues.

  • Create a proper work environment. Including a Table, a chair with support at an angle of 90 degrees or a little more and if using a laptop, use a portable keyboard and a mouse. You can also use a laptop stand for better results.
  • Keep your screen at your eye-level and you back straight.
  • Remember to take your 15-minute breaks.
  • Follow a workout routine for back pain.

Correct work posture

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A Freelancer without spectacles and deep eyebags? I don’t believe it! Unfortunately, this is true. I have rarely (never actually) seen a professional freelancer without glasses and showing signs of healthy eyes. They have specific baggy, stressed eyes with deep dark circles and puffiness. All topped with a pair of glasses. There is no way to avoid it. But there are ways to keep yourself at a safe edge. Moving towards this reality at a slower pace.

  • Use Screen-Protectors. These are sheets to be attached on your computer screens in order to minimise the harmful rays.
  • If you already have weak eye-sight, NEVER work without your glasses on!
  • Use patented lens, or blue light glasses, or any eye-protective spectacles. A number of them are available today in the market.
  • Last but not the least Eye Exercises! *Drum rolls*. The one my therapist told me of was to place both of your palms on your eyes while keeping them softly closed and continue doing so for 1 min at least. Repeat it every 30 mins or so. However, there are other exercises for your eyes as well.
5 Health Rules To Be Followed By Freelancers Health Risks And Precautions
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  • Adding nutrients in your diet that help boosts your eyesight. Weak eyesight is not only the result of a disoriented axis but also due to weak Optic nerves.
5 Health Rules To Be Followed By Freelancers Health Risks And Precautions
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Get To Know More About Protecting Your Eyes.


Isn’t that obvious? Sitting all comfy, working, munching on a box of freshly baked chicken supreme pizza with extra cheese topping and bbq kabab-filled crust. Wait. Did I actually take it that mouth-watering far? Well, I am a freelancer and every freelancer out there can feel me, heart-to-heart! I am not going to brag about what is obesity and stuff. But I am going to discuss the relation between freelancing and obesity. When you are seated and working your mind gets bored, plus the mental exertion demands energy, in reaction to both the stimulus, YOU EAT! and that is what the body demands and you need to do. But what you eat matters. The body asked for energy alone you provided with a lot of unhealthy fats. Here’s what to do.

  • Keep yourself hydrated for a filling effect.
  • By your work-desk, replace your unhealthy, artificial snacks with fruits and raw vegetable.
  • Keep Nuts by your side. Which are delicious and rich in energy.
  • Break-down your meals into small proportions to eat whenever your craving go beyond control.
  • Keep up with a moderate workout routine.

5.Stress, Depression And High-Blood Pressure

‘It is not like a 9-5 job’ is the biggest disadvantage of freelancing. This means you can easily be the victim of procrastination, non-consistency and irresponsible. This instability means irregular income. You are your boss means you have to keep a strict check on yourself to be responsible and regular. Which most of the people fail to do and when the deadlines arrive they panic, over-burden themselves and fall into diseases like high blood pressure and depression.

Secondly, money tempts freelancer every day, due to which you may get yourselves signed up for projects beyond your work capacity and ability. This will also lead to the above-mentioned complications.

  • Remember “slow and steady wins the race”. Do not over-burden yourself and only then you will be able to progress. This will not only keep you healthy but will earn you a good reputation which is essential in the freelance business.
  • Trust Me! train yourself for a 9 to 5 job. Freelancing is a 24/7 job otherwise, with no holidays or leaves at all. Thus be disciplined, be consistent, have a schedule, divide your work hours and only then you will be able to enjoy your work from home.
  • Get yourself a team. A spouse, a sibling, a friend, find someone with similar skills as a backup plan. As freelancing offers no sick or maternal leaves you need someone to help you out in order to avoid the extra stress in your suffering.

Hope you find it helpful. Your appreciation and constructive criticism via your comments are my progression and motivation towards my work. Thank You.

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