HEC Introduces Online Degree Attestation System

HEC Introduces Online Degree Attestation System. Higher Education Commission (HEC) made this decision to assist the overall public, universities, institutions of higher learning and embassies in Pakistan via the online registration system for the attestation of degrees of students.

This decision came as a result of fake degrees being issued by different institutions. Checking the authenticity of degrees and diplomas manually is difficult. So this new system will verify if the degree is valid or not.

In this regard HEC has finalized a software in association with NADRA. The system will check applicant’s information by contacting NADRA and PQR database.

HEC Introduces Online Degree Attestation System

Along with being linked to the NADRA database, the system will also be connected to Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR). If the degree programs are not in the PQR database then the candidates will not be able to get their degrees verified.

HEC was making efforts to improve all current degree verification systems and its records. For this purpose, HEC has generated a fully computerized visit address. That will assist the end-users with marking and checking their reservations.

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An online reservation desk has also been created for the end-users to take benefits of the system by logging das.hec.gov.pk.

Before, the Attestation and Accreditation (AA) division of HEC looked into the dealings of degree verification, equivalence via conventional means to check the reliability of a degree.

The users will also be able to make their profile. That can not only be used for degree attestation, but also to apply for the HEC scholarships or jobs.

The online degree attestation system will be operational soon as HEC has to upgrade the record of millions of students studying in the higher educational institutions of the country.

For further information please visit: HEC

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