Here are the 5 Products Apple Discontinued in 2021

Nearly every September of the year, Apple launches it new products. To prevent over-crowding, some of the Apple product are shifted to the discontinued or vintage model categories. This year i.e. 2021 Apple has discontinued it 5 products. In this post we will give the list of those products.

In 2021, Apple released a variety of products from screens i.e. 24-inch colorful iMac to four iPhone models i.e. iPhone 13 Mini, 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max along with iOS updates and a lot more. But we also said goodbye to few of our favorite Apple products. Below are the products discontinued by Apple.


With the announcement of HomePod Mini, it was confirmed by Apple that they will discontinue the full-sized HomePod production. The decision was taken by Apple in March, 2021 as they wanted to focus their efforts on the new HomePod Mini. It was also confirmed by Apple that they will continue to provide the software updates, services and support for the larger HomePod.

The HomePod was launched in February 2018. The HomePod ad great sound quality and it was praised, but its high price limited its sales. The launching price was $349, which was way to high than its competing brand products like Amazon Echo and Google Home. Though Apple reacted to the competing prices and lowered its price to $299, but the low price did not attract many buyers either.

iMac Pro

With the HomePod, the iMac Pro was also confirmed to be discontinued in 2021 March. iMac Pro was released in December 2017. It did not get the traditional updates that every Apple product is entitled to. In comparison the 27-inch iMac, was getting the regular updates thus it became the more preferred and liked product by the users.

Apple by the end of 2022, plans to release a more modern and powerful version of the 27-inch iMac which will be having M1 Pro and M1 Pro Max chips.

Space Gray Magic Accessories

Accompanying the iMac Pro, Apple stopped the sale of “Space Gray” versions of the Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse 2. Though the same accessories are sold in silver color.

21.5-Inch iMac

21.5-inch iMac model which was a low end model targeted at educational institutions, was also discontinued in October 2021. This decision was not a big surprise as few months earlier to its discontinuation a more colorful ultra-thin 24-inch iMac equipped with M1 chip was launched.

iPhone XR

Next in the list is iPhone XR. iPhone XR was launched with a 6.1-inch LCD display with Face ID and equipped with A12 Bionic Chip and had a single rear camera. Apple will be providing software updates, services and support to iPhone XR.

After crossing out the different products from Apple portfolio, in the iPhone line-up we have four iPhone models i.e. iPhone 11 series, iPhone 12 series, second-generation iPhone SE and the recent iPhone 13 series.

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