Here are the Complete Details of Telenor 4G Broadband Packages

Telenor Pakistan has just launched 4G Mobile broadband devices. These devices include 4G Hotspot Wingle and 4G Hotspot Mobile Wi-Fi. Both devices deliver blazing fast 4G speeds with 3G and 2G fall back options. Here are the Complete Details of Telenor 4G Broadband Packages in this article.

Telenor 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi

4G MiFi is a portable device with rechargeable battery which connects up to 16 multiple connections.With Telenor 4G MiFi, get the ultimate internet experience, both at home and on the go with the fastest growing and superior 4G 850 MHz network. With speeds up to 150 Mbps, you can satisfy all of you data needs with ease and convenience.


  • 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi is available in Rs. 3000

Telenor 4G Hotspot Wingle

Telenor 4G Hotspot Wingle is a network access terminal product that can be connected to USB power source or a computer. It can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Smart Watches, LEDs or other Wi-Fi devices).


  • 4G Hotspot Wingle is available in Rs. 2000

Here are the Complete Details of Telenor 4G Broadband Packages

Telenor 4G Hotspot & Wingle Packages
PackagesPriceValidityVolumeActivation Code
4G Monthly LiteRs. 150030 Days20 GBDial:*345*1001#
4G Monthly SmartRs. 220030 Days55 GBDial:*345*1002#
4G Monthly ValueRs. 380030 Days100 GBDial:*345*1003#
4G Monthly UnlimitedRs. 600030 Days180 GBDial:*345*1004#
4G 3 Month BundleRs. 400030 Days75 GB (25GB/month)Dial:*345*1005#


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