Here are the Specs of New Meizu Pro 7

Looking for a different phone with great specs? Check out the new Meizu Pro 7. It is unique, contemporary, and worth a shot. Here is what it has to offer.

A unique back Display
You probably haven’t heard of a back display in a cell phone. Meizu Pro 7 has taken a leap there. The screen is a 1.9” AMOLED screen that allows you to see time, use widgets for weather updates, and even take selfies using the real dual-camera. In addition to all that, the back screen also adds a touch of class to the aesthetics of this phone.

Specs of New Meizu Pro 7

A premium feel
Meizu Pro 7 comes with a sophisticated Frog design with rectangular corners and a glass design. This offers the phone quite a premium touch. You will find the placement of buttons as in most phones where the volume rocker and power buttons are on the right while the sim card tray is on the left side of the phone. The speakers and headphone jack are on the bottom including the modish USB type C. Overall, the Meizu Pro 7 brings exciting colors and an attractive design to be boasted around.

A battery that doesn’t disappoint
When you buy a phone, you expect it to have a good enough battery life to last a day. Meizu Pro 7 ensures that with a decent use of using social media, gaming, and texting, you will get by with around 20-30 percent battery to be spared. Since the cell also comes with a fast charging option, only fueling it for about 15 minutes to half an hour in the middle of the day will let you free from the battery-related worries until midnight.

Main Screen
The front screen of Meizu Pro 7 is designed to offer an immersive visual experience to the user. It is a 5.2” HD Super AMOLED display and offers you a crisper visual feel to enjoy your videos. You also get three different options to adjust the screen settings as per your preference. The vibrancy of this display is definitely a standout feature of this phone.

Capture your moments
If you wish to capture moments of your life in high definition pictures, Meizu Pro 7 brings the solutions for that as well. It comes with a dual rear-camera featuring 12 MP sensors. Both of the monochrome and RGB sensors combine to bring that depth effect to your picture. However, this feature only works well where there is sufficient light. In low-light conditions, the blur often gets confused between the background and the subject in the picture. To adjust the settings on your own, you can use the pro mode that leaves all the camera settings at your disposal.

Fast Processor
A good phone must never lag. This is why the Meizu Pro 7 comes with an Octa-core Helio P25 processor that smoothens the operations altogether. This is further accompanies by a 4GB ram to ensure a performance that users love!

Meizu Pro 7 sure packs the specs that make it a high-end phone on the market. It has a great processor, a really good camera, a sleek design, and not to mention, a back screen! While there may be others to compete it, giving this phone a shot wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

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