Unique ways to improve your memory with the help of a Smartphone

According to one research, using smartphones and other digital gadgets can improve your memory abilities. The study’s results were published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. In an interview with the media, senior researcher of the study Sam Gilbert stated that the goal of their research was to discover how gadget use affects memory abilities.

“We discovered that when participants were allowed to use an external memory device, the device assisted them in remembering the information they had placed into it,” he explained. “This came as no surprise, but we also discovered that the gadget increased people’s memory for unsaved material.”

Some experts believe that our dependence on technology — rather than our memory — is causing “digital dementia” in all of us.

If you want to remember anything, you probably save it on an electronic device. We didn’t have that luxury a few decades earlier, which meant we had to memorize a lot more information.

Some experts have cautioned that the widespread outsourcing of memory to technology is generating an epidemic of digital dementia – essentially, we’re losing the skill and experiencing a loss in our cognitive capacities because we’re not using our memories as often.

Having some information stored digitally can help you remember stuff you didn’t save.

The knowledge gap: If those experts are correct, it may be necessary for people to reconsider how they and their children use technological gadgets. However, current research has yet to establish the existence of digital dementia.

The 158 individuals, aged 18 to 71, were asked to execute memory tasks on a computer and tablet. The subjects were shown 12 circles by the researchers. They told me to put some on the right side and some on the other. “High value” and “poor value” were the names given to the two chosen sides. Remembering and dragging the circles on the high-value side resulted in ten times the amount of money as those who put on the low-value side.

According to psychology, participants preferred to use digital devices to save the details of the high-value circles. They improve your memory for those circles by 18% when they did so.

Even though they had never set any reminders for low-value circles, their memory for them increased by 27%.

The findings also revealed a possible cost of employing reminders. When the low-value circles were removed, the participants memorized them better than the high-value circles, indicating that they had entrusted the high-value circles to their gadgets and subsequently forgotten about them.

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