Here is How to Take ScreenShot with iPhone X Having no Home Button

The iPhone X is a special celebratory device designed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone line, and it’s radical departure from previous models. No doubt, people waited a lot for the launch of this flagship device by Apple.Here is How to Take ScreenShot with iPhone X Having no Home Button.

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It was easy to take screenshot on iPhone previously by pressing the power and home button together. It was same with all the i Phones that came to market. Taking screenshot was just a matter of pressing two buttons at the same time.

Here is How to Take ScreenShot with iPhone X Having no Home Button

However the case is different with iPhone X having no Home button. Before the Launch of iPhone X, many people were curios about this.

Steps to take Screenshot on iPhone x:

f you are an Android user, you may already be well versed with how screenshots are taken and now Apple has adopted the same method. Now you can take screenshot on iPhone X is to press the new slide button and volume up button instead.

When you will press the button at the same time, iPhone X will save an image of the screen. One can see this saved image in preview at the left bottom left hand corner.

How to Delete Screenshot on iPhone X taken by Mistake

If a user has taken screenshot by mistake on iPhone X,you can simply do nothing or swipe the image away to the left of the screen and it will be discarded quickly.

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  • You can take screenshot on iPhone X easily.
    1. Open the screen or application on your iPhone you want to capture.
    2. Long press and hold the button on the right side of your iPhone X.
    3. Now at the same time press the Volume Up button.
    4. Your screen will flash and a camera capture sound will play indicating that you have successfully taken the screenshot.

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