Here Why LG Foldable Smartphone will not Show Up on MWC19

Like other smartphone giants, LG is also making its foldable smartphone and people were happy about it. However, just recently the mobile phone manufacturing company has revealed that it will not be launching the LG foldable smartphone soon due to no demand. According to LG right now people do not want a foldable smartphone.

Unlike LG, Samsung is all set to launch its foldable device but its os better not to buy as its very ugly. Actually, LG knows that right now people are waiting for other foldable devices like Samsung Galaxy Fold and Xiaomi device too. The company want to launch something later in competition with its competitors. So keeping in view market reliance and profitability report, the company has decided not to launch its foldable device right now.

LG Foldable smartphone delayed as People Don’t Want it

Moreover, people were not happy with the disappointing design of LG foldable device leaked a few months back. According to previous leaks, the LG Foldable device will not a flexible screen like Samsung or Huawei instead it will be somewhat like ZTE Axon.  A thin bezel will merge both screens in a continuous display. To reduce the price LG had to let go of flexible display.  According to some sources, LG wants to keep the smartphone in the KRW1 million spectrum, instead of going for a KRW2 million phone.

Keeping in view this, LG has made the right decision of not launching the device yet and maybe it will, later on, come with a bang leaving all the other foldable devices behind.

Meanwhile, when other tech giants are trying to push its foldable phone to market a Chinse company has taken a lead by launching the first-ever foldable device.  Chinese company Royale revealed FlexPai at CES in Las Vegas. FlexPai is the world’s first foldable phone but is as disappointing as it could be. See what has disappointed us by clicking here.

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