Here’s How People are Reacting to Black Hole image

Hundreds of years ago, Alber Einstein had made a prediction regarding the existence of a Black hole in the theory of gravity. Since that day, scientists are trying to gather more information on it. After a long time, we have visualized its artistic impression thanks to the Balck Hole Image surfacing on the Internet.

Thanks to Katie Bouman, a 29-year old graduate student of computer science and electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).This was an event Horizon Telescope Project, that used the telescopes all over the planet to observe a black hole, residing 54 million light years from earth. However nowadays, people make everything a fun thing, and some people are also reacting to it in a funny way. Some are appreciative, people took to social media to reveal their feelings regarding this big news.

Here are the glimpses of How People are reacting to Balck Hole Image

Here’s How Event Horizon Scope broke the news:

Here’s how People reacted to It:

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